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Internet Marketing and Web Page Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that has been utilized for decades. Creating colorful content that is motivating, informative, and designed to sell, traditional copywriters work in the media of print, radio or even television. Today that age old skill has been revamped. Online website copywriting is a true subset of copywriting. A talented online copywriter has different skills and techniques from the more traditional copywriters. They are used to not only sell products but to attract potential clients on or to a website. Having the proper copywriting skills is critical for creating successful online copy.

While it is true that much of the copy used by online business owners is similar to traditional copy, what is different is the way it is written. The copy on a home page could be likened to the traditional sales letter. There are several differences, but one that really stands out. Web page copywriting for a ‘sales’ page is also written to attract search engines. Talented copy writers artfully blend keywords into their copy to create a piece that is intriguing to the human eye but also attracts search engines. This is more a talent than a skill. When you consider some of the awkward terms used by web browsers, you will begin to understand why internet copywriting is a challenge, if not difficult.

Many online business owners turn to professional copywriters to create their copy for them. Finding a talented internet copywriter involves careful research and a lot of reading. Truly professional copywriters will offer a business owner quality crafted content that is easy to read, grammatically correct and packs a punch. There are two choices for finding the ideal candidate for your online marketing copywriting needs. The first is freelance copywriters. There are many excellent freelance writers available and even several services that seek to connect freelancers with online business owners in need of their services; however, the process of finding the perfect candidate can be time consuming. The second option is working with a professional company. They often have a staff of talented writers who often have wide experience in writing for humans as well as for the search engines, always in accordance with key Search Engine Optimization (SEO) criteria.

The content, or copy, on your website is your best chance at convincing visitors that your product, service or knowledge is exactly what they are looking for and you have about 8 seconds to do that. It can be used to motivate, educate or inspire. Determining the purpose of your copy is often the first step. Even if your end goal is selling a product, your copies’ goals may actually be different. For example, if you sell organic pet food, you may want your copy to simply inform your visitor about the health benefits of organic food. Your copy should always be written with a purpose.

Website copywriting is more than an advertising tool. It is a medium for you to get your message out there. In online businesses, good copy goes a long way.

If you are looking for great website copy or seeking improved online business results, contact us or visit our copywriting store.

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