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Ignoring SEO Information

The Internet is filled with so much of information about the SEO and web marketing. The concept of blogging and writing articles has come up only for the reason that everyone looks for only latest content in the industry. Unfortunately, the ‘not so good’ SEO practitioners write just as many articles as the true experts.

How can one be sure about the authenticity of the SEo advise being provided? Here is a handbook to help you segregate the useful ones from the unwanted ones.

Are they bound by their word?

Is the SEO company you’re getting advice from listed in the top 10 results for one of their core keywords? In that case the tactic that they are advocating is not at effective and will not be able to give you the right ones either!

Ask in person

If its appropriate, ask a question about SEO in person. You can do this via phone, but a better way to do this is at industry events and conferences. Information on a blog can be a bit one-sided; the process of conversation will help you work towards a better understanding of SEO, quicker.

Check their references

Most SEO companies list their major clients. You can make a search on the Google to check if their keywords are listed in the top thirty otherwise it is possible that they are not effective!

Search engines aren’t always the best people to ask

Many companies refer to Matt Cutts (of Google’s) blog. It seems like inside information – but in reality, Google has its own agenda. All that is required is a site that ranks topmost in terms of quality and relevancy for a search and your site may not be able to give you that. There is a lot of disparity in your goals and their goals.

Listen to your test results

With your webmaster’s help, listen mostly to the results of tests set up to check on your SEO health. You need to look out for the areas of positive results!

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