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How To Write Articles

How To Write Articles

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How To Write Articles

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Posted: Jan 07, 2011 |Comments: 0

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You write articles to convey an idea or a message. Cleverly disguised your valuable content provides a cross between an editorial and an advertisement of your products.

Do not waste your written article for only one publishes. Recycle it with a bit of tweaks and publish it in your websites, blogs, email newsletter and some information about your product in your opt-in page.

But make sure that you do not over use of your articles again and again in different article directories as this would amount to spamming.

Search engines will drop your rankings if they found the same article being used repeatedly.

It is important that your articles are readable online. Make your content easily digestible. Break it down by breaking it down to bite- size and it contains only one point for each paragraph if possible in bullet format.

People do not read the full article online, they will just scan the headline, the first paragraph and the last line.

Remember, having a long and complex sentence in to one big paragraph will intimidate your reader more. Most online reader has very short attention span and get bore fast.

To attract your readers to read your article, you must have a attention grabbing headlines. Unless you can grab their attention within the first few seconds, they will just click away.

That is why, your headline and your first paragraph and your last line should contain the keywords or phrase that your reader have keyed in the search engine while they will searching for their information.

By incorporating SEO or search engine optimization efforts in your article writing, you have discovered the secrets of creating a product out of people’s searches.

People normally want to solve a problem by conducting a search in the internet. As an internet marketer who uses article marketing as your business tool, you can understand what your customer’s need by doing a researches in their keywords used in their search.

In other words, you write articles that will supply answers that fits their question, that is the keywords or phrase used.

For example, if your niche is in health products provider, write an article on “how to cure children sinus problem” with the keywords “cure”, “children”, “sinus” and “problem” supplied by your prospects.

You will definitely able to capture them as your customers once they have read your article which they think is relevant to their problems because this is the exact keywords they have keyed in and found you.

Since article directories allow links, make sure you will take advantage to have a link in your article that will lead your prospects to your website or squeeze page.

You have found a solution for yourself too.

Now you know how to write articles.


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