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How To Use ‘Voice Advertising’ On Your Business Websites To Increase Sales Dramatically

Adding voice to your business websites can increase sales as much 300% – 500% based on how you utilize this technology. One definite advantage to adding voice to your web pages is it gives your sites a ‘personal’ touch, and can connect with your web visitors much more then a site that does not incorporate voice. This technology is not new, voice on web pages has been around for years, but very few business web pages utilize this technology to 100%.

On any business website, voice can be used to introduce yourself to a web visitor. It can also be used to give detailed instructions to a prospect or lead. Most importantly however, voice can be used to record previous customer testimonials to give even more product assurance to your new visitor. Testimonials are HUGE, they are the #1 sales tool you can use. People do care what other people have said about your product or service. And when you have live voice testimonials on your web page, it gives your business a truly different level of professionalism.

Using voice to introduce your visitor to a new product or service can also be huge. There are thousands and thousands of websites with great sales print, but people have been conditioned to not respond to that type of advertising. But when you have quality audio on your website, people are more likely to stop and listen. Using audio on important parts of your website can be huge for your bottom line.

The wrong way to use audio on your website is to host the audio with your web host. You don’t want to do this because even though audio’s are not large files, if you have limited bandwidth through your web host, hosting audio will use a lot of your resources. If this continues over a period of time, your website could run over its bandwidth and be shut down. You don’t want to risk this as your website is the center piece of your entire online business.

The best way to go about hosting audio is to find a completely separate provider from your current web host. Most providers will allow you to record your audio on their servers, they will also optimize the audio and you simply copy and paste html code to your web page wherever you want the audio to appear. Some services even have dial in numbers where customers can call and leave testimonial messages which can be put directly on your website. Another benefit to using a voice hosting service is the ability to add voice to your emails and newsletters, which is huge. Voice in emails and newsletters increases email campaigns productivity nearly 200%.

Voice hosting services help your business two fold. It gives you an easy medium to add voice to your web pages, and it won’t drive up your bandwidth being hosted remotely. Any professional online marketer will tell you that voice integration with their websites is one of the best investments they have ever made in their online business. Its definitely not something you want to overlook when developing your web page, and definitely not something you want to put off until your business is already in the red.

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