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How to use Social Networking Sites for Website Promotion

There is no reason why you cannot consider social networking as a platform to announce yourself and your internet business to the World. However most social networking sites tend to frown on blatant advertising so be very careful how you go about this.

The main reasons for social networking is to meet other like-minded people who share the same interests and possibly to forge new special friendships. So going in and “beating your own drum” too loudly will upset many people. This, of course, is counter- productive!! However there is nothing stopping you adding a discrete signature line when you sign off from your online forum maybe with a little “smiley” icon.

A signature line would be something along the lines of “who is this guy YOUR NAME” and then adding your blog/site details. Perhaps the main problem with using social networking as a promotional aid is the time it takes Arguably the time could be better spent using other methods of advertising but communicating with likeminded people is obviously a pleasant way to go about it!

This of course is the main danger. You may get so “wrapped up” in “talking” to others that you forget your original purpose! Most social networking sites are free so this is a definite plus factor although there are paid networks which normally offer more membership benefits than the free ones. So join in the “talk” on the forums or blogs and post your name at the end.

As I mentioned above the most difficult part of social networking is finding the time to participate. After all most people have jobs/careers plus family commitments, housework, gardening etc so time is of the essence.

It is important, therefore, to only join the social groups you NEED otherwise you WILL wonder where the time went! Having joined though you must participate as you won’t get the attention you need by just idly “standing around” This way you will build up an association in the readers mind between your signature line and your website/product(s) etc. How do you find suitable Social Networking Sites?

Obviously use the web! There are thousands out there so it is up to you to choose carefully. Try words or phrases such as:-

Social networking communities for ……. Online communities for ….. Social networking sites for ….

You get the idea.

However you will probably get a long list of possible sites which meet your criteria.

A way round this is to find one of the websites which specialise in discussing the merits of different social networking sites to help you make your decision.

Again search the web.

Some in fact actually give advice on how to make your business grow.

So happy hunting.

To YOUR success

John Beaumont Internet Marketer

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