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How to use social media to feed SEO

The social media networks present an ideal opportunity for any business interested in search engine optimisation. Not only are many of the social media networks consistently high-ranking in the search engine results, most of them are free to use. This valuable resource should make up a part of any site’s off-page SEO plan.

A social media campaign should be mounted with due consideration, and you can discuss this with us at SEO Consult. To ensure that your social media profile provides the maximum benefit to your SEO plan, make sure that you pay attention to as many of you can of the following:

*User name: The ideal user name is your business name. It can be tempting to use your website name as a user name, but it’s generally of more benefit to try to slip your website in as a link somewhere else on the profile. Using your business name distributes your business keywords further and links them more firmly to your topic.

*Customised URL: Some sites, such as Facebook, offer the option of customising the URL of the profile page. As the search engines are known to pay more attention to keywords in a URL than just about anywhere else, a customised URL presents an excellent opportunity to boost the relevance of your business name keyword.

*Profile description: This area should contain your business name, brand keywords, and main keywords used on your site. The profile description area is your main opportunity to link all of your keywords to your site. Use it well.

*Contact information: Including email and real-world details can further link your profile to your business.

*Links, links, links. Get your site’s link in wherever you can on your profile, and include it where possible in your social interactions. It’s important to be reasonable with links, however, to avoid the perception of spamming.

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