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How To Make Money by Submitting Articles to Article Directories

The internet is continually providing means to generate income. The methods to do this are without a doubt many, and one of them is by writing of articles. These are then submitted to article directories where they are displayed for internet users. The potential that lies in doing so is huge, depending on your level of expertise and just how much time and effort you dedicate. If you are a novice, there is much you need to learn, but not when you are starting. Just a few leads are sufficient to point you in the direction you are supposed to go. First thing you need do is identify a niche that you are comfortable with. It could be dealing with any topic, but be sure its one that is on constant demand from internet users. Needless to add at this point, your writing skills have to be top-notch. There is no room for imperfect English as that will undermine your credibility and your skills altogether. Upon identifying a niche and writing the articles, you need to have a registered account with an article directory. There are many well known ones over the internet, like ezine and Establishing an account is free free. You are supposed to write something about yourself so that your readers can who you are and what you do. It creates a virtual relationship with them, when your portfolio is open for display. Ensure that you also understand the rules that must be followed. In the natural, there are some standards that you are supposed to meet with your articles. Ensure that you understand them in detail. The making money bit comes from the links that you create at the bottom of the article. These could lead to your site. This is increasing traffic flow to your site which is essential when it comes to making sales. Of course, at this point, SEO knowledge is essential. In the simplest language, SEO can be described as content building based on high keyword density. If you don’t have a site that you are seeking to promote, you could still write articles, and submit them to these directories, but on behalf of someone else. This is where your credibility and skills show up since you get paid by the article. For starters, you can get $4 per script, and when your skills are advanced enough, you can get much higher, usually above $10. Word count and amount of research is what determines the price per article. For anyone who knows a thing or two about the internet and has diverse skills in written English, this can be one easy way of making some extra bucks. When you are all settled down and are serious about it, it could be a full time job, especially when your article output a day is impressive. Like most other online jobs though, it does take sometime before you reap really rewarding results. And trust me, a few months down the line, you will be happy with just how much you earn.

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