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How to Identify a Fraud SEO Company


Fraud SEO company utilize poor keywords to optimize your site. The keywords they use seem to never help your site rank on the search engine. If you find out that your site is not ranking for any of the keyword they suggest, you should cancel the subscription. Good SEO company is able to come up with a long list of long tail keywords. The long tail keywords must help you to get a large amount of traffic. In this way, your conversion rate will increase so that you can earn a higher income each month.


Fraud SEO company will not keep in contact with their clients regularly. They may try to avoid their clients because they are not able to do much for their website. The SEO company should keep in touch with you on a quarterly basis. Ranking reports should be provided. The ranking report should offer keywords that are used to rank your website. The SEO company must send the traffic growth report ever month so that you know how well your site is performing. After you site is optimized, you should notice the number of your backlinks grow. The SEO company should encourage you to install the Google Webmaster Tools so that you can keep track of your site process. If the SEO company did not mention about Google Webmaster tool, you should avoid them.


Some SEO companies offers submission to the search engines. They brag about submitting your site to thousands of search engines. There are only a few search engines that can help you to increase your conversion rate. The three most important search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Therefore, the SEO company must optimize your site with these three search engines. It is a nonsense that submitting to thousands of search engines will increase your ranking immediately.


Every SEO company has different pricing structure and payment plan. You should get a quote from the SEO company and discuss with their representative before signing up. If you don’t discuss with the representative, you won’t be able to evaluate them properly. You can check their portfolio to see if they have good customer testimonials. If the SEO company has many good customer reviews, you should proceed to sign up with them. Lousy SEO company has many bad customer reviews. You will know if the SEO company is fraud if many customer complain against its service.


If you cannot afford a SEO company, you should learn about how to optimize your site. You can visit internet marketing and search engine optimization blogs to obtain tips. Many SEO blogs offer free SEO tips for free. To find a list of SEO tips, you can enter the keyword “top 10 seo tips” or “list of seo tips” or “free seo tips” in the search box of the Google search engine. You will be able to come across a few seo tips that can help you to optimize your website. You can also sign up for SEO courses. However, it is best that you sign up with a SEO company because the experts know how to rank your website by using the right method.

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