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How To Find The Joy Of Internet Marketing

Last year I was in a state of shock when my successful friend displayed such a stoic reaction to making over $100,000 from his latest product launch. Instead of celebrating, it was like he had just been told his best friend died. Not only did I not understand his reaction, it angered me to a degree. It was if this had become all too common place for him, as if he had lost appreciation for what he had accomplished.

Sadly, most online marketers today can’t even enjoy their success, because they are so focused on their next project, or the next product launch. This almost guarantees you will become unhappy and dread what you are doing. You need to enjoy the journey to success and remember exactly how you got there. To build the character needed to be successful online, you should never forget your roots. This is almost an essential ingredient for any Internet marketer.

To this day I still remember the excitement I felt when I made my first online commission of $65, well over ten years ago. I knew then that it was possible to make money online, and if I just learned the ropes, I would be able to live my dream. Once you loose the feeling of the pure joy you should feel when you reach your goals, you are making it much more difficult to ever reach your potential.

Enthusiasm is one of the biggest motivating factors to keeping your online business fresh and exciting. When someone doesn’t feel joy or happiness, it is reflected in their online business. When you have lost your passion, this reflects in your work, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Therefore, even if you reach a small goal, you need to celebrate this accomplishment. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and feel good about what you have done. This not only keeps you passionate about what you do, but it also builds self-confidence. The best part is, everyone likes a pat on the back, right?

Remember, no accomplishment is too small. If you were able to stay focused for a week on a particular project you are working on, which you never did before, be sure to acknowledge this to yourself. This kind of positive reinforcement is exactly what you need to build upon one success after another, until you reach your ultimate goals.

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