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How to Create Ten Six-Figure Income Earners

Creating 6 figure income earners in any industry is a challenge so to have that desire in a Home business it is an undertaking that has to be legitimate, focused and intentional. In this article I will discuss the specific details that are required. First you need a game plan to accomplish it, second you need to announce it and find those qualified and finally you have to make sure that those that get started can find customers and clients as well.

Let’s start with the game plan. Are you in a legitimate home business that works? I know that may be a dumb question if you are looking to help ten people make a six figure income in 2010 but are six figure income earners prevalent enough? Have you become a six figure income earner yourself? Now you must know how you are going to help people who are willing to go to work succeed. Have you done anything that you can’t give them? We’ve been very intentional on our team and they way the top income earners and the newest income earners build their business is identical. You can’t make generalizations in this area if you are going to help others succeed you have to have a very specific game plan. One way of knowing if you do is to ask yourself could I get a 14 year old person to succeed doing this? Is it simple and can they do it? If the answer is a resounding yes! You are on track.

Second you need to announce to the world what you are doing very strategically so that you can find those who are serious. It must be someone who is tired of their life as is and success depending on their boss or their job or their circumstances. In your normal advertising make sure the message is getting out. Put in on your facebook, twitter and other social media. Bottom line you have to find and screen the talent to ensure that the people you are working with have the right motivation and a can do attitude.

Finally you have to ensure you have a full proof way of the new person to get clients if they are to create a six figure income earner. I have advertising companies that guarantee me a specific response via the internet and that’s how I’ve built my entire business and I introduce every single new business partner I work with to them. We build business in the exact same way! I’m very confident if I’ve selected them and they have the right motivation they have an above average shot at doing as well as I do in 2010.

So to recap we need three primary things to create ten six figure income earners in 2010. Game plan on how you are going to get a person to that level of success, so simple you know a motivated 14 year old could do it. Then you have to announce it to the world, via your normal advertising channels and social media like your facebook, twitter and etc. Finally getting clients must be simple and easy just like the process. You can’t expect someone to start working with you and they have an incredible learning curve to develop and realistically think they have a shot at a six figure income in 2010.

Stacy O’Quinn is a Christian Dad, Husband, Business Owner, Motivat


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