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Hot Topics in the World of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is experiencing a rapid growth spurt due to the increase in the number of people using mobile phones. Handsets have become extremely affordable when it comes to cost. That is why developers are competing against each other to introduce new and advanced mobile commerce applications into the market. Be it a mobile shopping application or service; 2011 will pave the way for m-commerce.


Let us take a brief look at the latest developments in the world of mobile commerce:

LG will reportedly launch a 3D smartphone (the first of its kind in the whole world) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The handset will be equipped with facilities like video capture and stereoscopic image. Vendors want to capture the market for television and cinema viewing on the small screen.
You have surely heard of the concept of remote-monitoring. Although, it is in the initial stage, it has a vast scope for development in the future.
Rivals of iPad are fast developing different devices and launching them -the LG Optimus Tab, the HTC Scribe, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2. People are now more open to trying out tablet devices. The real challenge lies in handling the over-crowding and saturation in the mobile network.
2011 is the year when NFC (near field communication) technology will completely establish itself in the market with Google and Orange showing keen interest in venturing into this sector.
Last but not the least; augmented reality will also be huge. The concept basically works on integrating the real-life physical world with virtual and computer-generated imagery. Companies are willing to take the risk and are investing heavily in this sector. In fact, Samsung has also launched it in limited handsets. By the year end, Carlsberg will be using augmented reality in their advertisements.


<arel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>mobile commerce</a>, though popular, is still at a nascent stage where the entire potential of the market has not been tapped. In other words, there is an amazing scope for the growth of m-commerce if the correct techniques are used to implement. However, it will not happen overnight so marketers will have to patient. Plus there are numerous companies who are furiously competing against each other to monopolize the market. Yet others argue that mobile commerce is just a trend that will soon pass. One thing is for sure – m-commerce has surely arrived and is slowly establishing its presence in all sectors!


Ashley Forrester is a keen enthusiast in the latest technological advancements in the mobile platform. Portable event management tools are one of her well-researched and favored areas of interest.
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