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Google gets personal with search engines and creates a big change in SEO history

Google is changing the way people search by giving them personalized search engine results and taking web-surfing to new levels.

Google’s new personalized search engine system is designed to help viewers find what they’re looking for in an easy, fast and specialized approach. This new search engine optimization system basically works like this. If someone searches for an item and clicks on a website that they often visit that has that item, than that site will rank higher than others the next time they go to search the same topic. If you like to search books on Amazon rather than Indigo, Amazon will appear higher on the list than Indigo – because Google knows that you like that site more. If someone else likes Indigo more (meaning they’ve visited the site more times) than that site will appear higher on their list.

The new Google Personalized Search allows both signed-in and signed-out users to take advantage of this feature. You don’t need a Google account to have personalized searches. It is available in forty languages and is worldwide. The Google Personalized Search also works for less specific keywords terms. If you type in a general term like “new cars” and frequently check out the Acura website – than the Acura website would come up higher for “new cars” than other car manufacturers, new car reviews, new car prices, etc. This way, Google allows you to receive the information you would normally check out first.

So what if you want to have a more general search? If the new Personalized Search doesn’t appeal to you, you can simply turn off the customization setting found under “View customizations” on Google. Google only keeps customized search information for 180 days and is completely separate from a users Google account and Web History.

Google’s new Personalized Search allows users to feel more comfortable in their search and makes it easier for them to find just what their looking for. It’s giving the internet more of a personal touch, making it less scary for those new to the web and more productive for regular web surfers.

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