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Get Your Target Market to Take Action

Having tons of followers and a high rate of click-throughs, Facebook likes, retweets, and votes on your social media objects doesn’t make you a key influencer. It might be an indication of your popularity, but in terms of your influence on individuals, this can’t be determined just from sharing alone. Having influence on an audience means that you make an impact on them—an impact that drives an outcome.

So how can you impact your audience? First, it’s not enough to be visible on social media. To make an impact on your market you need to have presence on social media sites. Think of it this way. Say you were watching a Broadway play, who would stand out to you more, the actor with that spark or stage presence, or the actor who was visible but lacked presence and star quality? You’d probably feel much more connected to the actor with presence. The same goes for social media. You can be visible on social media but to really have an impact on your audience and to create an outcome, you need to have presence.

Therefore, if you have a large audience, there needs to be a correlation between your span of reach and your ability to drive your audience to take an action. This is the magic correlation that signifies an influencer.

So how do you use your reach to activate your community and drive them to take an action? You need to provide relevant and quality content to this community. Only the collective has the power to keep your content alive on the web and generating tangible results. For example, Apple is one of the largest key influencers out there. Let’s say Apple posted a tweet that said, “Customers love our new iPhone!” Thousands of people can retweet this post, but if no one is actually influenced by this tweet to take an action and go to an Apple store to purchase this iPhone, then the tweet had no influence. Therefore, even though this particular tweet was popular and shared across a huge market, without a tangible outcome, the tweet cannot be termed influential.

On the other hand, let’s say Apple posted a tweet that said, “50% of all iPhone purchases today will be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.” If 200,000 people shared this tweet, and 90,000 people purchased an iPhone that day after seeing this tweet, we can safely say that this tweet created a tangible outcome and had a measurable impact on individuals. This is the definition of influence.


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Michelle Salater is an award-winning writer and president of Sumèr, LLC, a company which specializes in web copy writing, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch. As an avid business blogger, Michelle has grown her marketing blog, Copy Doodle, to be a powerful lead generation and client education tool, and frequently guest blogs and lectures on blogging. In 2009, Michelle won the Charleston Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award for her business and community leadership.
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