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Generate Website Traffic: Strategic SEO Ultimately The Best

Generate Website Traffic: Strategic SEO Ultimately The Best

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Generate Website Traffic: Strategic SEO Ultimately The Best

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If you have spent any reasonable length of time in Internet Marketing, it would have become clear that out of the many ways by which you can generate website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) remains about the most reliable, eventually cheapest and most enduring means of generating website traffic. It is also established that traffic to websites from search engines constitute about 70% of total websites traffic. Of all the search engines, Google accounts for about 60% of the total search engines market share.

The other alternative within search engine marketing to get search engine traffic is via paid search e.g. google adwords, yahoo search marketing etc. which can be quite expensive indeed and you will need a huge budget to utilize it in generating the volume of traffic search engine optimization can generate for you.

Given that search engine optimization (SEO) is thus that crucial to generating website traffic and given that website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business, it stands to reason that much attention must be paid to search engine optimization (SEO) by any webmaster who hopes to succeed online. Which webmaster will not want to optimize his website for the search engines and in particular, court Google, to reap from this vital source of web traffic?

The snag however is that search engine optimization(SEO) is a very wide subject area and practically, to implement the optimization of any website can take ages. It involves both on-site and off-site optimization. It in fact quite often, especially for big companies, is carried out by professionals who specialize in this arm of internet marketing. How then is the small business owner who in most cases can ill-afford financing the employment of such a professional to survive? Note that the small business owner also cannot afford to optimize by himself and where he has the knowledge and time required, it will take him ages if not appropriately approached.

The solution?

Strategic Search Engine Optimization

This involves identifying core areas of search engine optimization as it relates to the particular online business and implementing the strategies that will achieve the desired objective within the shortest possible time.

I will explain.

We all know that once you have optimized on-site, what you need is to get massive quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your website. If you approach it verbatim, you will have a full time work merely getting backlinks to your website with no spare time for any other internet marketing procedure. This is in view of the fact that you are likely to have many posts and pages on your website and pointing massive backlinks to each and every post will just be practically impossible.

As you begin internet marketing, the recommendation is for you to begin building up the “authority” of your website in the first six months or even one year.

What will you get out of that?

You see it is not only purely backlinks to a particular web page that Google and the other search engines take into consideration in ranking any web page high on the search engine result pages(SERP’s). They use a complex algorithm with each variable included having a particular weight and i tell you, things like age of site, total backlinks(quality and quantity) to the site etc – which in summary determine the “authority” of any site, all have crucial roles in this respect. If any webmaster builds up the volume of these variables, he has less work to do backlinking to each web page in order to rank highly on the search engine result pages(SERP’s). With few direct links to each web page, the web page will begin to rank.

You see the strategy involved?

If you are not to be endlessly optimizing for each web page or post on your site, be wise enough to devote considerable time to building up the “authority” of your website, so that you can eventually begin to rank almost effortlessly for each of your web pages. You now understand why the articles you place on “authority” websites even outrank that on your own website and why you do not have to do much backlinking and other SEO work before your articles on the web 2.0 properties begin to rank highly on the search engine results pages(SERP’s)?

This entails doing things that will give a diversified portfolio of general backlinks to the site as opposed to the individual web page.

Examples are:

Directory submissions

Forum posting

Article submissions

Content Creation

Blog Commenting

RSS feeds submission

Let me quickly reveal another search engine optimization(SEO) strategy you can use to quickly increase search engine ranking for a wider range of keywords/keyword phrases and considerably enhance free targeted traffic to your website.You see, once you have picked on a major keyword you want to rank a page for, simply identify other keywords you can equally rank the page for. You know the advantage you derive from this multiple optimization of keywords for a particular page? As you start getting backlinks for your major keyword pointing at that particular page, you are simultaneously pointing backlinks to that same page for your other identified keywords, since the other identified keywords are equally trying to rank utilizing the same page. By implication, those backlinks will equally count for that page for the other keywords and you do not have to start from zero in pointing links to that page for those other keywords unlike it would have been if you write out a fresh post for each of the other identified keywords/keyword phrases.

To just get that page to rank for each and every other keyword/keyword phrase, all you have to do is use each keywords anchor text to point backlinks to the post and those new backlinks will be added to the other older backlinks you have gotten for other keyword phrases also pointing to that page and the page will thus rank much faster for each and every keyword phrase.

About the Author:
Dele Ojewumi is the webmaster of Profitable Business Ideas abode of home business ideas and opportunities. He is the author of the popular internet’s most-up-to-date-list of 165 top-article directories with clickable links, classified into dofollow and nofollow.
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