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Generate An Avalanche Of Free Traffic With YouTube – Internet Marketing Tutorial

Truth be told there is a “shed load” of techniques that people can use to generate traffic to their websites.

Although they can all work, what you need to bear in mind is that with most of them you will not see immediate results. In order to apply them efficiently, you need to fully master one method before moving on to the next.

In this article I will go through one of the most powerful technique to date:

Video Marketing – YouTube

YouTube is an absolute online video phenomenon and if you are not currently taking advantage of its potential to promote your products or services, you should seriously be thinking about it.

It is one of the most visited website in the world and gets up to 75 million visitors per day. In a very short space of time it has become the “Number 1” port of call for people seeking information.

How to start

In order to start distributing your videos online you first need to open an account. Go to and fill in the sign up form.

As with most online forms you will need to enter an email address, user name and password. The style option allows you to set the types of videos that you will be uploading to the site. For example, educational, travel, beauty, etc.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can then record and upload your videos. Although you will not be able to insert a clickable hyperlink directly on the video itself, you can place it on the information link (located just underneath each video). You should insert it the in the following format:

For example: http: // www. mywebsite. com. Your link will be activated automatically after 7 hours.

Keyword research, categories and tags

Although crucial to the success of a video clip, this stage is frequently hurried through or ignored by newcomers. You must take time to thoroughly research your keywords. This will be reflected in the title of your clip. It is also important to select the right YouTube category and the appropriate tags. Your keywords should also be used in the description of your video, so choose them carefully.

Speak clearly and be aware of your tone of voice

Numerous times, I have clicked away from a video because of a monotonous, boring and uninspiring tone of voice. The first couple of seconds are crucial in getting your audience “hooked” so use a little bit of creativity!

“Get to the point”

Ideally your clip should last less than 3 minutes. People get easily bored with lengthy videos and will click away before the end. Don’t’ “fluff around” and try to deliver your message in a direct and effective manner.

Your clip should not only be interesting and engaging but it should also showcase positively your products and services. Your objective is to “grab” your audience attention so that they will be compelled to click on your hyperlink and visit your website.

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