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Free Internet Marketing Tools That Will Benefit Your Business

There are so many different internet marketing tools available today.  Not only can they help automate your business but provide useful information that can benefit your prospects as well.  In this article I will share with you free internet marketing tools that will benefit your business.

The key to building a successful business is providing your potential prospects with valuable and helpful information.  So where can you locate this type of information online? is a great free source that shares what’s going on today.  You can access information from sites like Twitter, social bookmarking sites, Google, news sites, YouTube, Flickr and so many more.

Once you have located the information to share with your prospects, it’s great if you can automate your messages to be spread around your different sites at scheduled times. is a fabulous site that allows you to send your message to so many different social networking sites.  But, it’s not automated because you have to input that information yourself.

That’s why I was thrilled to have found  The site was created for other benefits but what I love about it is that I can schedule all of my posts to be spread over all my different sites first thing in the morning and never have to worry about it the rest of the day.

Keyword research is so important when building an online business.  Have you found it difficult to get your content on the first page of Google?  Well, the keyword difficulty tool allows you to see how difficult it will be to rank for specific keywords or phrases.  It provides a percentage score from low to high.  You can locate this tool by going to and then access seo-tools which is where you will find the keyword-difficulty tool.

Ever want to spy on your competition?  You know, you’ve landed on their website and you are dying to know which keywords they are targeting.  With the SEOmoz Term Extractor it will analyze the content on any given page and extract the terms that appear to be their targeted keywords.  Pretty neat little tool.  You can locate this tool by going to and then clicking on SEO Tools.  Scroll down the page until you see the section on Keyword Research and Ranking Tools then you will see Term Extractor.

I’ll share one more for you before I wrap this article up.  If you have ever wondered how to optimize your site for SEO, will help tremendously.  Just fill in the necessary information and it will give you the results. 

There are literally hundreds of different tools available online and a lot of the free ones are fabulous.  Unfortunately I could only share with you a few in this article.  I do hope you found these free internet marketing tools that will benefit your business to be very helpful for what you would like to accomplish.

Want another cool free tool that can help you create your own successful affiliate marketing business?  Grab my step-by-step marketing system today.Be sure to also visit my blog and read more about my journey as I started my affiliate marketing business from the ground up.  Just visit
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