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Free Article Marketing Articles – Traffic Generation And Profit Making With Article Writing

Article marketing is something that really works. But for beginners, the learning curve may be steep. An article writer has to learn the following:

1) How to write proper article titles.

This is important because it helps draw the reader in to read the rest of the article. This is where everything starts. Without good titles, traffic levels will suffer.

A good title consists of target keywords, as well as the promise of the article.

For example, “SEO Tips” is not a good title because it’s too general. Readers don’t know what the article is about.

“SEO Tips – How To Build Back Links With Article Writing” would be a better title. The promise is clearly stated in the title. Of course, be sure to write about this promise in the article.

2) How to summarize an article.

A good summary can make a good introduction. Learn how to summarize an article into one single paragraph.

Once you have the summary, you can let the summary guide you through the rest of the writing. Whenever you have to stop and think about what to write, simply refer to your summary again.

The introduction is the first paragraph that the reader reads. So make sure that it’s interesting and impactful enough. If the reader scans the first paragraph and finds it too boring, he will just leave the web page. You have just lost a potential buyer!

3) How to write interesting articles.

The content has to be interesting enough for the reader to want to read the entire article. Case studies, examples, personal experiences, know-how, tips, etc. can all be interesting content. Keep it interesting so that readers stay till the end, where your resource box is.

4) How to create the perfect author box.

The author box is one of the most important components of article marketing. If you don’t get this right, you won’t get a high click through rate. Remember, you are writing for traffic. And if visitors don’t click, you don’t get any traffic. Then your efforts have been wasted. Learn how to write proper author boxes that will get you clicks.

5) How to write a good concluding paragraph.

A concluding paragraph is not always mandatory. Sometimes, when an article is of decent length, I end the article abruptly. This helps to build traffic because the reader is left hanging and he wants to read more. So he is more likely to click on the links in the author box and visit my website.

But a good concluding paragraph can be useful if you want your articles to be more memorable. For instance, you have made a few important points in the article, and you hope that readers can remember what you have just written. So you re-emphasize the important points in the concluding paragraph.

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Darren Chow – I have written hundreds of free article marketing articles to teach you all about article marketing.
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