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Forum Marketing is a top Internet marketing strategy to get Lots of Free Traffic

In this article I will show you an often overlooked method of generating free traffic to your site. I would assume that you have already selected your products or services and have a site up and running.

One of the internet best kept secret for generating free traffic is forum marketing.

What is a forum?

A forum, also known as a bulletin or discussion board is a meeting place where various topics can be discussed and debated. The key objective is to provide a community where users can share information and ideas and ask and reply to questions on a specific topic.

There are thousands of forums to choose from online. Typically, each forum has its own specific topic (eg, gardening, weight loss, internet marketing, etc.)

When you become a member of a forum you will be able to create your user profile. This is where you can tell member a bit about you (which country you live in, your age, hobbies, etc.). You will also be able to create a signature link with a hyperlink to your website.

How to effectively use forum marketing?

The key to successful forum marketing is to build relationships. You SHOULD NOT try to forcefully market your products or services from the outset. The members are not blind and will immediately susse you out as “a fake” and will subsequently pay no attention to any of your comments.

Instead, your aim should be to gradually getting to know the members and slowly build relationships with them. Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy member of their community, you can then slowly introduce your products to them.

Earlier on, I mentioned that you will be creating a signature link. This is in effect what will bring traffic to your website. This signature link will appear on every thread or post you make to that forum. This is a powerful advertising tool for your website.

Make sure that it contains a strong message and that is appealing visually.

With a hugely popular forum, you would be amazed how often your signature link gets clicked on a daily basis!

However, it is important that you DO NOT spam the forum. This is a sure way to disaster, as it will get you suspended. Only post relevant comments and reply to questions connected to the subjects being debated.

Do it every day and become an active and valued contributor to the forum!

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