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Five Tips to Discard Google and Create an Alternative SEO

Undoubtedly, Google is the major search engine and the king of the Internet. As a logical consequence, all the internet marketers ―independently if they’re PPC or affiliate based― know the advantages of working along with its incredible power and the real advantages of its positioned name. But they have to pay a high price: pay advertising campaigns, endure prolonged and hidden marketing strategies, and work his/her way through the number one to overpass the hardest competition to rank on.

An ‘alternative’ SEO campaign is to rank on other networks like Yahoo and MSN, which offer you to achieve your results in a less time that Google. The following five tips will help you to create an alternative SEO campaign:

#1 – The Google’s rules too apply to other networks, but partially.

The rules for ranking on Google are not strictly necessary if you are trying to work with Yahoo and MSN, but you cannot forget them. The SEO basis are constant to all the search providers, but there are some little differences between all the major search engines. Although Google can not be your number one goal, it will continue present in the WEB.

#2 – Choose a search engine that matches with your target.

The study of human population in reference to vital statistics should be one of the most important matters to the affiliate marketer. By the way, each product has a target audience that should be knew by its affiliate marketer. Each search engine has a different range of audience with special characteristics. In fact, Google becomes the most difficult engine to rank to the novel affiliate marketers due to the fact that has a wide range of coverage and deals with entirely different kind of people that Yahoo and MSN. So, be careful when you choose the search engine you need to empower your marketing campaign, in order to get the best target for your product.

#3 – You have to be creative, resourceful and innovative.

If you are engaged in an alternative SEO campaign, you need to count on novelty, very competitive and optimized marketing ideas. The strongest advantage of an alternative SEO campaign is the fact that no many marketers select this alternative. If you are planning to develop this optional strategy, you have to be sure you don’t to leave undone just something you can’t pay for.

#4 – Be careful studying the dynamics of the search engines.

Although primary rules of search are almost constant, each one of the search engines differs in its dynamics and have some little differences. Choosing another than Google implies you need to do your best studying and comparing those differences and adjusting your pages to having the best when ranking.

#5 – Select the most well established network.

With so many companies and marketers coming and leaving on the stage, it is very important to take into account the frequent market changes. So, you have to go back and after carefully consideration taking into account the long-term effect on your SEO. The best today can not be the best in the future, and your choice would affect your job. Mutation is a permanent risk. So, be alert to the changes and adjust yourself to them.

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