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Find Out How To Choose A Profitable Clickbank Product

If you are thinking about choosing a profitable Clickbank product to promote, and are not quite sure how to go about it, read on to find out how. To promote Clickbank products, you need to have a clear method to determine whether the programs or products you select, will be profitable for you.

There are a number of things that you want to consider such as the competition, the sales letter, the price, payout, gravity and popularity, when you want to promote profitable Clickbank products. Clickbank, by the way, is the world’s largest provider of digital products online, and this means mostly e-books and software from a large collection of more than 30,000 products in many categories.

So, how do you find a winning Clickbank affiliate program to promote? For a start, try to promote products in the 20 to 40 gravity range; products that are clearly seen to be good sellers without having a huge amount of competition. These are the products you can concentrate on promoting when you first start out.  Anything below 20 gravity, probably will not make you a great deal of money unless you manage to sell enormous quantities of the product. And when you are more experienced, you could start aiming for the above 50 gravity programs and products.

Bear in mind, that just by having good gravity, a product might not be a great seller for you, especially when, sometimes gravity scores are hiked up by vendors artificially boosting the score when selling their own products through affiliate accounts. By looking at the sales letter, decide for yourself whether or not you think the product will sell, and if it is not well written and professional looking, move on without promoting it.


Look at the products’ price and how well it pays out. You want, as an affiliate, be thinking of getting at least £20 per sale. Below that amount, it may not be worth your effort and time, and believe it or not, it is often just as easy to sell an expensive item as it is to sell a cheaper one, in fact, sometimes a lot easier, because of the higher perceived value of the higher end ticket product.

It is generally a better idea to promote Clickbank products that sell for $97 to $197 and if you can find one program that you think you can promote and has a gravity of over 20, you should go for it, instead of a $40 or $50 product with similar gravity.

After that, try and look for products that have continuity. Continuity is a lucrative business model, based on a month by month membership program that will pay you every single month and they are not more difficult to sell than other products, but remember that you keep getting monthly revenue, selling continuity programs.

And as for the competition, don’t worry too much about it. Think about it as a good thing, and remember that if other people are making a lot of money where there is competition, it means you can make money too, especially when you pay attention at the way they are doing their affiliate marketing and you copy what they are doing or improve on what they are doing.

If however, you feel that the market or niche you want to enter, is already or nearing saturation, don’t bother to promote there, just move on to other markets and start the process again.

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