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E-Books are a great Internet Marketing tool to Get Huge Amounts of Free Traffic

I have discovered that allowing people to download your E-books can result in a massive surge in traffic volume. E-books are a fantastic way for drawing in heaps of free targeted traffic.

How to easily create an Ebook?

Content is always “King”

Creating a short Ebook is free and relatively simple to do.

For example, you could write an article about a specific subject and insert relevant hyperlinks back to your website. The objective is to provide interesting and valuable content to your readers in an easy to download format that can be saved on their computer. The E-book can be anything from just 1 page to 100s.

The key point is that it should be informative and of interest to your readers. It could be about teaching them how to do something, offering a solution to a problem, reviewing a product, etc.

Having a “jazzy” book cover is not compulsory, but you can easily design a basic one in PowerPoint.

Use PDF files

Personally, I am an avid fan of PDF files.

The most common software for composing PDFs is Adobe. It can easily be downloaded for free on the internet and is very easy to use. Once you have converted your file into a PDF file, upload it to the internet.

Allow your readers to re-distribute your e-book, but your must state it should remain un-edited and intact. The great thing about this is the “snow ball” effect. People can potentially email it to their friends; post it on their blogs or internet sites, etc.

Promote your e-book

I have found that one of the most effective ways to promote an e-book is through the use of forum marketing.

Firstly make sure that you insert a hyperlink to your e-book in your signature file together with a quick description along the lines of “to get more information about this subject, download this free e-book here”.

You then need to contribute actively and positively to the forum. Provide helpful advice tips and great content, but NEVER SPAM the forum, as your comments will be removed.

If you regularly post pertinent comments, you will arouse people’s curiosity and they will start downloading your e-book.

An additional way to publicize your e-book is by using article marketing.

Compose and publish a short article (about 300 words) about a subject that compliments your e-book. Nearly all article directories include a resource box. Insert a strong call to action in the resource box together with hyperlinks to your e-book.

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