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Damn That Market Samurai – They Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

They just had to go and tell everyone about keyword rich domain names. Read it here

Well some of us were told about this way back in 2005 (Stomper 1). Always try and get your primary keyword in your domain name.

It is a technique that smart Internet marketers have used for a while to great effect. You identify your niche and find some keywords that get traffic with a medium competition (<1,000,000).  You then look for available domain names that exact match the keyword phrase.

Use these domains for your website/blog and you will find it a lot easier to compete with the big boys.

It works – fact

Here are some new blogs that I have been working on

gps sports watch

running gps watch

gps sport watch

womens running watch

They will soon start to bubble up the rankings.

watches for runners

gps for runners

gps runners watch

gps for running

running sports watch

‘Each case rack holds two cases, which pull out on runners.

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