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Create Colossal Free Traffic With Article Marketing – Internet Marketing Advice

The majority of people surfing the internet are primarily seeking information. By cleverly taking advantage of this“thirst for information” the activity of writing and publishing articles can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

In this article I will attempt to demystify the article marketing process and will break it into 3 small steps:

Step 1: Effective Writing

“Content is king”

You should always aim to write high quality articles. Good content material is paramount. Articles should be informative: offer advice and guidance, or demonstrate the best way to do something. The best articles are those that offer a solution to a particular problem. Essentially, when writing an article you should be “showcasing” your expertise in a specific field.

Ideally the article should be between 300 – 500 words, people tend not to read larger articles in their entirety.

Entice your readers with a stand out title

Take time to write a great title. It is a “sneak preview”of your article and should not only contain your keywords, but also be appealing to readers. In essence, this is what will “capture” your readers.

Proofread every one of your articles meticulously. You are trying to build an online reputation, so attention to details is essential.

Step 2: Killer Resource Box

An appealing and enticing resource box is crucial to generate traffic to your website.

Most directories will allow you to insert a resource box at the end of your article. This is the only place where you can promote your products or services, so use it wisely! Make sure that you insert a hyperlink to your website or blog.

In the resource box you need to tell your readers in a strong and direct way what they will be gaining by clicking on your hyperlink. For example: “If you want to discover how to loose 10 pounds in 7 days, then get your free gift today”

Step 3: Submit your articles to multiple directories

In order to harness the full power of article marketing, you will need to submit your articles to multiple directories.

Sign up and submit your articles to the top 10 articles directories:


When done correctly article marketing is a powerful tool that will drive huge traffic to your website.

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