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Common errors while writing SEO articles

When writing an article for SEO purpose there are certain rules and regulation that has to be followed for the articles to get posted in the articles directories. Since when you are submitting your article to the article directories it is very easy for the board of directors to overlook the common formatting errors in the article which results in your article being declined or published in an unprofessional way.

With some few careful checks and precautions it is possible for you to avoid your article from being rejected. The below mentioned things will help you to avoid those common formatting errors and also help you to publish your article in a professional way.

This is the most typical problem caused by the Microsoft word. Often when you start typing your document the paragraph formatting will be set to normal. This is slightly misleading concept since in general the paragraph is nothing but a normal one.

If your press enter to create a line break the word itself will ad an extra half line space which makes your document look neat and beautifully spaced but this is misleading. You can see how deceptive it is when you copy the same paragraph and paste it into a notepad. When you to do this you will see that all the line breaks will disappear and only one big paragraph will exit.

To avoid this you have to set your paragraph settings to “No spacing” from the beginning and have to press “Enter” twice to get a full line break.

It is a common rule that you should have a single space after a full stop, comma, colon, semicolon, and for all the punctuations you use. But make sure that you do not leave a space before them. Like wise open brackets should also have the single space before and closing brackets should have a single space after.

Using symbols is would be primarily problem when you to include copyright or registered trademark symbol. The same problem will also occur when you fractions, super numerals, square root or some number rose to the power of the other.

The best option to overcome this problem is to avoid using special symbols in SEO articles. Instead of using the symbols the same can be written in the long way.

Most of the word processing documents automatically wrap the text automatically to a new line when it reaches the end of the document. In some applications like HTML editor and notepad this feature might be turned off. Generally it will not be a problem but in writers point of view it will create some problem. This is because when a new person is reading your SEO article they might have hard times reading it.

So at the same time make sure that you press on enter key to create a new paragraph unless it is a bullet list you are creating never start to type in the next line.

Though there are many pitfalls waiting to catch the reckless writer of SEO writing these are some of the most common ones that one has to watch and take care. And before submitting your article for publication proof reading is very carefully. In doing that you will be able to find some of the common punctuation errors that might do harm to your article.

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