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Choosing an SEO Specialist

With so many SEO Specialists how do you choose the right one for you and your business?

There are a few factors to consider when you approach an SEO Specialist for the first time. Below we will try to break these down for you so that you are prepared when you approach your chosen SEO Specialists.


When you approach any specialist, the chances are they are going to know far more than you about the given subject in which you are seeking advice. You do what you are good at and you rely on the specialist to be an expert in their field. This can lead to the specialist taking advantage of this situation and selling you far more than you actually require. If you are looking for an SEO Specialist we suggest that you research the subject a little before you approach any companies. There is plenty of free advice and seo tips available on the internet for you to access so lack of knowledge is no excuse. We are not saying spend hours learning all the intrecut details but a little knowledge will stop you being completely baffled about what your SEO Specialist is talking about and trying to sell you.


As with any business there are technical and industry terms for the products or services that are offered. Your SEO Specialist should be able to deliver a non jargon strategy for you. There is nothing that is implemented in search engine optimisation that cannot be explained to you in such a way that you can’t understand. There is no magic involved and if your chosen SEO Company starts to shroud the details – stay well clear.

SEO Strategy:

Professional SEO Specialists understand that every business requires a unique approach to its SEO strategy. Not every seo technique is suitable for every website. Try and keep away from “Buy It Now” seo services as without the company talking to you about your business they cannot effectively work out a strategy that will see good results.


As with any business, success is measured by results. Can your chosen SEO Specialist give you current positions that they have achieved. (Due to client confidentiality this may be difficult) Do they have a Google local profile where people can leave reviews for you to read? Carry out a Google search and see if there has been any feedback left about the company. Do they have testimonials on their website from current and previous clients? All of these points will help you build a picture about your SEO specialist.

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