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Business Website Promotions – The Top 7 Ways to Leverage Your Time

1. Directory Listings

Directory listings leverage your time in two ways:

You can write your listing details on a text document to copy and paste your information to every directory
You only need to apply once to a directory but the link value it adds to your site is permanent.


Vary the categories that you place your listings in as well as the headings and descriptions you use to improve link approval.

2. Exchange Links With Similar Non Competing Websites

Traditionally, exchanging links with websites was time consuming. However, numerous link exchange programs such as Link Market and Link Partners now exist to speed up the process. These programs can leverage your time by finding similar websites to exchange links with. Keep in mind that you want to exchange links with websites that compliment your business and not compete with it.

For example, if you run a plumbing business, you may be able to exchange links with a manufacturer of steel washers.

3. Write Articles For Directories

Writing quality articles for directories is takes time, but it serves multiple purposes to promote your business. Good directories can bring some traffic to your website, improve search engine popularity and build business reputation. The benefit of these articles is that they have staying power and provide some traffic to your website for a long time to come.

4. Facebook

You can build a business page on Facebook to advertise your services and network with thousands of people. Your business page can promote one off sales, encourage discussions about business related topics and generate a fan base which acts as a great trust building tool. It takes more work than other promotion methods but used creatively can generate powerful word of mouth marketing.

5. Google Local Business Listings

By signing up to the local business listings in Google you can rank well on search engines with little time invested. If a visitor in your local area searches for your type of business, you will find yourself being listed in the local business results section. Ahead of the regular listings!

6. Craigslist

Craigslist gives you the chance to advertise your products/services anywhere in the world for free. It is a high traffic website that can provide quality link value as well as generate business. Make sure you read the terms and conditions because you can only make so many ads within a set period of time. Spending 10 minutes a week creating an add is worth it you make a sale from it.

7. Press Releases

PR Web is a leader in the press release field and provides you with some instant traffic. The one downfall is that this traffic is limited to a short period of time, however if you can get a few people talking about your website, you can generate some good word of mouth business. If you have a new product or service, you should look into creating a press release every now and then.

The Key To Promoting Your Website Is Leverage

It is important to spend as little time as possible promoting your business so you can focus on your paying customers. When you consider any method of business promotion, try to weigh up the time invested versus the visitors you can receive. The best methods require you to put in some work at the beginning but then continue to bring visitors without any further input from yourself.

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