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Blogging – Advertising Your Blog in Your Email Signature

Blogs today can be used for all sorts of reasons. However most blogs are used to for either social or business purposes. Social blogs are information blogs with let others know what is happening in your life and are used as a way of corresponding with friends, social contacts and families. Business blogs are information blogs about things happening in your business or particular business environment, new products, new ideas on how to benefit from existing products and announcements of sales and specials on certain products.

If you have a personal or social blog what better way to let your family and friends know about it than to add a link to your blog in your email signature. If you have written all the relevant information on your blog you no longer have to worry about leaving something out in your personal emails if you include a link to your blog in your signature. It can also cut down on the time it takes to copy and paste and write information in each individual email you send to your friends and family.

The real benefit of a social blog over an email is that you can include lots of pictures or photos, videos and podcasts that would make emails very big in size and take forever for everyone to download. Not only that your blog virtually archives all this information so that you only have to open one website link and not multiple emails to get the same information.

If you have a business blog it can be like an extension of all the emails you send out to you customers. You no longer have to send then long boring emails that can be caught by spam filters. You can just send a simple email with a link to your blog or individual entries in your blog. If you send links to individual blogs posts and add your home page link in your email signature it gives the reader the opportunity to click on it to find out more about your business and products.

Affiliate marketers send emails out to their lists about affiliate products that they recommend so what better way to further promote these affiliate products than to use a blog link in your signature that gives more information and reviews about these products.

Most email programs allow you to create signature files that can be automatically inserted in all the emails you send. If you only send personal emails or business emails it is a great idea. However if you send both types of emails you must have your default signature set for either personal or business. If you set the default for business you must take care to change it if you send personal emails.

For business emails you should have something catchy in your signature to attract attention and get your readers click through to your blog. It should be crafted so that interested people click through but not to scare off those who are not interested.

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So before you create an email signature file think about what your blog is about and if a business blog the products you are advertising. Create a signature that is going to get interested people to click through to your blog without offending those who are not interested. For more information about blogging
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