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Blogging 101 — Why It Is So Important For Online Success

Recently I was asked “What is the #1 thing you must have to succeed online?”, I almost responded with a huge e-mail list, but then thought about it for a second. What comes before a huge an e-mail list? A BLOG, OF COURSE!

If you think about it all the Internet Icons out there have one thing in common…..a successful blog. They may not have started with one, but you better bet that they have one now! Why do they? Well, I think the main reason is that in order to be successful online right now you need a “home” or place where people can get to know you. The days are long gone of people haphazardly giving out e-mail addresses and joining business opportunities without getting to know someone. A blog does that for you. There are also three other things a blog can do for you:

1. Help You Build A Huge E-Mail List
2. Promote Your Own Product Or A Affiliate Product
3. Let People Get To Know You So You Can Promote A Business opportunity To Them

A blog can help you get or promote any of the 3. That’s the beauty of a blog. Once you have gotten to the point that your blog is attracting a decent amount of traffic you can then monetize it any of the three ways listed above.

**So how do you build a successful blog?**

The key to building a successful blog is summed up in one phrase – “Don’t Hold Anything Back — Give VALUE”. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you are not providing content that is so great that someone could live without it. Don’t bother.

You can develop that time of content by writing about stuff you already have a passion for or knowledge of. You don’t have to be like everyone else (me) and write about making money online. You can write about and build a loyal following in virtually any market. Blogging success can be very easy. However, for it to be easy you must go into a market you have a passion for.

Trust me when I say that regardless of the topic or niche you choose, there will be a way to monetize your blog once you develop a loyal following.


As you can see having a successful blog is critical to your success online if you want to make money. In this article I told you why and then what you need to do to develop a successful blog.

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As you can see there are many reasons for building a blog. The most important one being that you can make money online with it. If you want to learn more about ways to make money online with a blog, click on the link below. When you do you will be taken to the #1 resource for building your business online…the “Work From Home Success Zone”.
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