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Blogging – Is An Excellent Way to Promote Your Business!

If you’re just getting started in the online marketing game and don’t know where to begin, then today’s article may help you set some boundaries and perimeters in your new venture. Many of us have been in some form of sales for years and any good salesperson will share some features and benefits and then go for the close rather quickly. We’ve all been taught this approach right from the beginning of our selling career out in the business to business world.

Marketing on the internet is quite different and unless you take the time to learn the correct process of approaching potential clients, then probably we will be shot out of the saddle before we ever get started.

One of the hardest things to change will be the transition from our old embedded habits of trying to sell right from the beginning, and replace that old approach with quality relevant information to the potential client without trying to make the sale. The internet is all about good quality, relevant information covering any particular subject matter.

It takes an average of 7 contacts with an online user before they will make that all important decision to make the purchase with you or just click off your opportunity, and go away to another website on the internet. Once their gone, they are probably gone forever. One chance will probably be all you get, so make the best of it.

One sure fire method of getting and keeping the potential clients attention, is to blog on a consistent time frame basis about your business opportunity in a very low key information blog. Your blogs don’t have to be long and boring, but they do have to be interesting, informative and capture the potential clients attention and hold their attention so they will come back often just to see what new information you provided today.

In an effort to provide new content for your blogs you will have to study your product or service and be as familiar with your opportunity as you are with the back of your hand. Research information by other authors and use some of their ideas in the overall scope of your articles final draft.

Never copy someone else’s content and attempt to get away with it without giving the author credit for their quote in quotation marks. Include the author’s name, title of the article and any other credits deserved in order to keep your reputation unquestionably clean and legal.

Review any notes you may have taken, make an outline of your thoughts that you’ve gathered while reading and researching other writings and start writing about that subject in your own words. You’ll be amazed at how in depth your thought process can become when utilizing this method of learning to write. Write from the heart, write as you talk and write often to become a recognized author.

If you haven’t started to blog yet, go ahead and give it a try. Blog about anything that comes to mind and then find a blog that you can post it to. Who knows you might be the next great information blogger to hit the internet. If you’re into Network Marketing then write about how great it is to find value in your new found business opportunity.

When it comes to marketing your product or service, make sure you only promote one product or service per website. This will make it easier for your prospective clients to find you with the use of good relevant keywords about your product or service. In each site your goal is to write good relevant content to help people understand your business and purchase your opportunity.

Your content must be concise, informative, entertaining and written in such a way as to capture the attention of the user. But, there’s more to it than just capturing the user’s attention you must keep their attention to a point that the user will end up making a choice to either purchase your opportunity or click off your site and go somewhere else.

Don’t get discouraged if everyone doesn’t purchase your offering. Each person will have a different closing ratio even though they may be presenting the same product or service. The timing must be right for the sale to be made even though you may be the best salesperson in the world you’re not going to close every sale on the internet.

People like to shop and compare value when it comes to internet purchases. By offering solutions to the users problems will get you closer, quicker than trying to use some of the common high pressure tactics we were taught and used in direct sales in the past.

People will respond if you can help them save money, make money, market their business opportunity more profitable, generate sales leads and introduce them to ways to free up some of their precious time using automated marketing systems that are affordable and effective.

It all boils down to helping people solve problems and fill their personal goals and needs, plus give them better value than the competition can provide.

So let’s think about how blogging can help you overcome your blogging challenges. In this article did you picked up on the various articles you could write about your business? Think about the opportunities that it affords and the value you could write about that would help a potential client in their business or purchase commitment?

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your blogging and marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute “no obligation” consultation.

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