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Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO

Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO

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Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO

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Posted: Nov 30, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO

By: Mr. Pom

About the Author

Indian SEO Community is one stop place to learn SEO. Once you join ISC, you get to interact with fellow SEO Professionals, Bloggers, Webmasters and Internet Marketers.

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Article Source: Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO


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While reading about search engine optimization, you must have heard about various SEO hats. And behind every hat there is a different SEO philosophy followed by search engine optimizers. The color of each hat is according to the approach. Let’s check out several SEO hats and look what makes them different from each other and which one is preferred the most.

•    Black Hat SEO
•    White Hat SEO
•    Gray Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO or famously known as SEO spamming is a technique where they work in creating a website with no or little value. Their main aim is to manipulate the search engines; it relies heavily on technology and automation to design inferior websites inscribed with low quality and extraneous search results. They try to link lots of spam to their website and often locate the visitor to the sales page, which is the real goal of Black Hat SEO technique. You can get quick results through this option but once the site is detected by a search engine, it will be banned forever. In actual the site willingly takes the risk and overall it is quite a speculative SEO business.

White Hat SEO
Here comes the best and most qualitative way to design the content – White Hat SEO. It completely focuses on constructing excellent content and relies on effective marketing tactics to build and achieve the aim of topping the search engine charts. Though White Hat SEO also uses technology and automation techniques to enhance their website but in a relevant manner with valuable content being more important. They believe in the philosophy “Content is King”. Their main goal is to present worthy content for the people who want to seek knowledge whereas SEO is their second priority. The target visitors actually receive good information and they are easily converted too; White Hat SEO is even out from the risky business of being blacklisted. White Hat SEO strictly works on the Google guidelines for SEO.

Gray Hat SEO
Risk versus rewards is what Gray Hat SEO is all about. There are whole lots of SEO contents that are categorized under Gray Hat SEO with variety of shades from risk taking factors to relevant techniques. Therefore some Gray Hat SEO takes lot of risks while others take care of the rules set by various search engines. Even Google SEO guidelines do not state clearly about Gray Hat SEO.

Which SEO Hat do you prefer?
Now here comes the most urged question by the SEO beginners that which SEO hat is the best and need to be followed. And my simple suggestion is same as Google…
White Hat SEO is good
Black Hat SEO is bad
Gray Hat SEO is good as well as bad
The very important aspect is your goal, what actually matter is the right SEO technique and White Hat SEO strategy is the best. We all must focus on the same and aim towards quality content writing. Surely you can gain competitive advantage by opting for gray Hat SEO but for that you need to check out the risks you are indulging in. Too many risks for valuable website promotion are not always worthy and you must play safe and prefer a securer SEO strategy.

About the Author:
Indian SEO Community is one stop place to learn SEO. Once you join ISC, you get to interact with fellow SEO Professionals, Bloggers, Webmasters and Internet Marketers.
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