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Beginners Tips for writing Well Optimized Articles for Article Submission

Being able to write an interesting article is one thing, but when combining it with good writing skills and also optimizing an article can have a better effect. Some people may think just by writing an article and distributing it you will get some benefit from the search engines, this is true but why not take that effect to the highest potential? In this article I will discuss some beginner tips on writing an article by optimizing your keywords for a greater effect in article submission.

Before you begin writing your article you want to decide which keyword or two keywords you are looking to promote? After that has been decided you can choose the topic of your article based on that keyword. Some people make the common mistake of writing an article then using anchor text in the resource box that have no relation what so ever about the content of the article. Even if you only mention that keyword a few times as long as the subject of your article relates to those keywords that will make a big difference.

When writing your article you do not want to put too much effort in trying to input your keyword into the article as this can often lead to over optimization and also the article itself will not sound original. Over optimizing is often done by people because they want to push to promote a keyword, but this is not necessary anything over 2 % of the article content for any keyword is too much. Another misconception people have is they have to use the exact keyword phrase within the article as they will use in their anchor text for the resource box. You do not really have to do this as long as you have part of the keyword it will still help you. For example if you are trying to promote the keyword “American Car Sales” but only use car sales in one sentence this is fine. Although if possible you can use that keyword if it will fit into the article wording.

Another focal point is the article title which can be very important in most cases. When you make your article title do not try to make a very basic title, for example only use your keyword “American Car Sales” if you make an article with a title like this I highly doubt anyone will read it. Instead make something more creative like “Will American Car Sales ever make a Comeback”? This leaves the reader an idea what the article will be about and also has your keyword in the title. Another mistake people make about the title is using a title that has no reflection on what the article is about, if your article is about Dog Breeds but use a title about dog food obviously this is the wrong choice.

In review just use common sense when writing articles and take the time to write them keeping in mind which areas are important to use your keywords and having content that relates to them.

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