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Basic Seo Principles – (Links)

Legal Links


If you publish any content, let it have a single link. Here this is the legal link of that content. The word “Legal Link” is indeed nothing short of a smart word, which gives the prevention message of copy content.






These links are four addresses different from each other for search engines but the one will only be indexed in the end. As well as indexing of the homepage of your website four times is impossible, search engines are required to calculate to realize that these different four links indeed come to the same thing. Since the cost of a single “if” condition can be measured with millions of dollars for search engines, it is important to use legal links.

The changes in typing format of the links are actually meant with the expression of legal link. Even if we keep all the links in our website, we may not be confident that the links, called backlinks, to be taken from exterior websites will be written appropriate to a form.

Supposing that we publish a content and think that some of websites like this content of us and desire their users to see the same content. They put a link in advance and send their users to our website but what is that? It is only human nature, they may forget to use “www” while writing our link. Finally, it’s not impossible. In addition to this, suppose that we have succeeded in making Google index this distinguished content through “legal link”. Since the backlink written incorrect will not present in Google index, spiders will need scanning the incorrect link in the hope that they can find a new content. Finally, Google absolutely will not be glad to see that content again which has been coped with before. This problem can be removed with “urlrewrite” module.

If any request is made with incorrect url to our website, our hosting may fulfill the duty with a guide manner such as “no, indeed that link isn’t like that, it should be in this way”. We can automatically correct the simple typing errors such as “www”, “http”, “to make capital letters smaller”. This puts our links into a standard form. Spiders will not base and rely on the backlink but our website guidance.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Please try to explain what you’ll find in the pages that the two links below will take you away!




So many numbers are seen in the first link. To make out from these numbers would be a prophecy. However, in the second link, you can predict that you will reach the mobile phones with 3G without opening that page. If all the websites in the world provided that great easiness, what would be?

Some websites use the link form that we gave in the first example. In such websites, the people are obliged to open the pages that they don’t indeed want to visit. They kill time in those pages. Websites bill the expense of traffic for no reason. However, a simple url structure could decrease all these expenses.


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