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Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues

Did you know that creating pages, sub domains and sites with a substantial amount of duplicate content can be a back door path to getting banned from Google?

Let’s face it: no one wants to be banned from Google.. Any business seeking to gain access to its potential customers and / or leads in the online environment cannot afford to be excluded from the index pages of Google. With perhaps only 20% of the market shared between them, Bing and Yahoo are not viable alternatives by themselves for an internet marketing or SEO campaign that will bring profitability to your bottom line.

There is a Google friendly way to configure your website so that you can avoid being penalized for doing something you didn’t mean to, and for possibly eliciting a negative response from the search engine. Optimum7 can help you do this.

First of all, don’t just duplicate content—either on a single site or on different URLs. This signals to Google’s spiders that your site is not useful to users, and that they don’t have to keep coming back to index it. So in effect, long before you ever get banned , you might notice you’re not getting any real traffic.

To avoid this, you need a multi-talented SEO company to first get rid of this technical issue, and then increase your bottom line by implementing substantive and useful SEO content (not duplicate content), that will make you visible to targeted users who will convert, so you can stay in business.

In fact, you might not even be showing up at all in search engine results if you have the same content posted at different URLs. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that if you do show up, which versions of the pages will be visible to users. This loosens your control over whether or not you are putting your best foot forward when a user find you.

Here are just a few of the duplicate content issues we can help you to avoid in building your Google – friendly website:

Canonicalization issues: This is when different URLs point to the same page, a common mistake.
Server side script reproduction of RSS feeds: this is when syndicated RSS feeds are reproduced on a page different from the site on which they were originally posted, using a server side include that displays the information as HTML.
Serving Session IDs to web bots: when web bots crawl your site, the session IDs that you use to track user behavior can report their information to the web bots, causing them to get confused and index the same page under different URLs.serv
Alternative Print pages: these are pages with the exact same content, just formatted for printers. There is a better way to provide printer friendly text to users.

Search engines don’t like duplicate content because they don’t want to disservice users. Who wants to see different websites in a search result that each yield the exact same content? The answer is that no one does.

If search engines consistently rank duplicate information high in SERPS, users will just switch to one that can provide more in depth results. Thus Google’s stance against duplicate content is good business for itself. There’s no getting around it. If you continue to use duplicate content extensively, you can end up banned from the search engine altogether.

Don’t let duplicate content issues put you out of business. Contact us today and we can help you avoid this problem or fix it if you already suspect being banned from Google.

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