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Scams At Tax Time

This is the time of year the scammers promise you a quick refund for tax. They will come up with emails pretends to be from the tax department for mistakes you made in your return. Remember, governments do not communicate with taxpayers by email.

If you did your taxes with a computer program or online, make sure you protect your files. Store them on a USB drive. Don’t leave them on your computer, as the information could be stolen

The costs involved for security in the early 2000’s, made this part of Internet marketing the domain of large corporations. However by the middle of 2000, with widespread of network appliances coming online, small business and homeowners have found security is becoming reasonably priced.

Some sound computer advice if followed will not cost you a cent and should be the main most important security you can give to your online marketing experience.  Just don’t get lured into a false sense of security just because you have security software installed. There is no software on the market that can stop a virus from getting on your computer.

Start with a solid password for your computer. Forget your favourite cat or dogs name. Come up with something, like close your eyes over your computer and punch 15-20 keys. Then pick out about 11-12 of the keys you punch and this will be your PW Code. Write it down in a little codebook you can carry in your pocket, never leave it on your computer.

Next never open a attachment unless you know who is sending it and you are expecting it. Be careful when downloading free offers, gifts, too.  Great place for a virus to get a free ride into your computer.

Shaw is my server and they supply me with a free centralized firewall, which check for signs of unwanted visitors. They provide a log of attempted access to my computer, so you know who is trying to get in. This paper trail is for prevention and tracing. Most fraud artist knows this and will go to a less secure site.

A young man was standing on the corner with a stack of newspaper, yelling “Extra! Extra! FIFTY people are swindled! Read all about it.”
Curious, a woman walked over and bought a paper. “Hey, this is an old paper, where is the story about the big swindle?” she demanded.
The newspaper man ignored her and went on calling, “read all about it: FIFTY ONE people swindled!”


In addition to HTML files, Google search also supports 12 other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office, PostScript, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and others. Additionally, Google also offers the user the ability to “View as HTML, which allows users to view these files in case the corresponding software is not installed on the user’s PC. It also eliminates the hazards of opening a virus-infected document.

A new offering from Google – Advanced News Search, allows visitors to scour headlines by date, location, exact phrases or publication. People can use it retrieve articles from more than 4,500 news outlets publishing on the Web.

This feature is particularly helpful if your search has non-English results. Google offers a facility to auto-martially translate a page for you in English. Currently, Google supports Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages.


Crooks can use scanners to read your cell phone identity, including the number and its unique serial number.

Then they clone a cell phone to make calls at your expense.

Downloaded ringtones could be exposing you to a couple of potentially costly cell phone scams. Usually free ones or those exchanged via peer-to-peer software can and have been hacked by scammers and can install a virus that either damages the phone or steals confidential information. Get your tones only from established, reputable companies. And don’t return messages or calls from people or organizations you don’t know.  The same applies to text messages. Text scams have many various ways of costing you money.

Sometimes you find what seems to be a really sweet cell phone rental deal. You don’t find out you’ve been ripped off till the bill arrives, showing all sorts of additional charges you didn’t know about.  Read the fine print (all of it) and only deal with name suppliers that have been around for years.

SPAM MAIL, Spreading Malicious Software

Emails are circulating on the Internet, claiming to be updates for Outlook and Outlook Express.  They look like a tech bulletin from Microsoft.  The URL that you are supposed to click on to get the updates is only slightly different from the real URL, which is

Yes this is a phishing scam; so do not fall for it. Microsoft does not send out emails advising you of updates.  You have to go get them at the update site.

Another one. You get a check in the mail, and you are asked to deposit it in your account. The check is supposedly for some kind of payment, lottery win, deposit, rent, etc.

Then suddenly the sender discovers the whole thing is an error, and asks for part or all of the money back. Don’t send any money back, 99% of the time the check you deposited will not clear the bank and you will be out any money you refunded. It can take over a month for a check to clear.

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