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A to Z HTML Reference Guide for SEO Professionals – The Comment Tag

This is the first post in the series of the HTML reference guide for SEO. Today’s tag is the comment tag:

What designers should know about the comment tag in terms of SEO

When you cut the psd file into html/css insert pertinent comments so programmers will understand, for example, where the product’s div/table starts and ends. Speak with your SEO colleague and ask him guidance on the the targeted keywords for each page you cut into html/css. Try to insert those keywords in the comment tag, if it makes sense. Don’t just add keywords just for the sake of it. If you start a table for your main content of a image manangement software you can add a comment before it like table
What SEO’s should know about the comment tag.

You should also speak (maybe a brainstorming between you, the designer, the programmer and the copywriter) with your colleagues and guide them before anything is cut into html. Come with advice but do not interfere on the look and feel or the programming part of the process. Leave others do their job.

Review the comments made by the designer, change/update them and pass the html to your programmer; brief the designer (send code back) about changes you’ve made and why. have another meeting with him and explain a bit, so he will know in the future.
What programmers should know about

HTML comments are read by search engine spider. Therefore it is useful to have them. When you implement the html into php/asp/cfm/whatever insert pertinent comments. They should be useful for someone who is working with you (another programmer) and to search engines. Website user don’t see this comment, but some of us will look over the code (when doing competition research), so be aware of what you write in there.
What copywriters should know

This is not the place for you to be creative. Leave this tag for the other guys (designer, SEO and programmer).



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