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5 Blogging Tips That Will Make You Unique

There are certain blogging tips you can follow to develop an identity to help you stand out from the pack. Some require certain talents or expertise whiles others rely more upon consistency and diligence. In either case it is important to be unique in some way since the blogging business is very competitive. In fact the sole measure of most popular blogs is their ability to attract and retain a steady following. The only thing that can both attract and keep a blog reader loyal is to offer them something nobody else has.

Here are 5 ways in which you can create uniqueness about your or your site which will not only increase blog traffic but build their loyalty as well. Remember it is all about delivering something nobody else has or does and doing so consistently.


Put some ‘teeth’ into the content you post by sharing some insightful or otherwise useful information readers’ can benefit from. Give your posts some depth by making your exclamations of any advice or insight more comprehensive and well thought out. The blog reader will appreciate this and will demonstrate their appreciation by returning.


Show your personality or at least one you are comfortable displaying to your readers. This can be reflected in the way you write or the opinions you may share. Give your site some life by investing your personality into it. This will help to increase blog traffic to your site since readers will be experiencing something unique which of course is your insight, opinions or particular delivery style.


If you have a particular expertise or talent than hopefully that is what you have based your site upon. Many popular blogs got that way because they stand out due to the ‘authority’ they have demonstrated in their particular field of interest. If you have a developed expertise or pool of knowledge about something in particular than by all means run with it!


By being outspoken or sharing a ‘strong’ opinion you can attract many who have an interest in what you say. Not everybody will agree with you of course but those that do will appreciate your comments and those that do not are generally interested in your point of view. A site like this usually involves a lot of commenting and this type of activity is one of the best assets your blog can have.

New Perspective

Taking a ‘worn out’ topic and presenting it in a new light can make it very popular with readers. When sharing your perspective on something the key is to fully explain and/or rationalize your point of view. Posting in this manner normally gets the blog reader to look at something in a way that they have not thought of before. Whether they agree or disagree it is likely they will find this type content intriguing.

Some of the most valuable blogging tips you can get are those that help you to develop a site that stands out from the rest. Being that the blogging business is so competitive it is important to offer something nobody else does. As is the case with any of the popular blogs found online you must have the ability to not only attract but also develop a certain loyalty with the blog reader. The 5 ways we discuss above in which you can develop or create uniqueness about yourself or your site will serve to make you stand out from the pack. In this way you will then be able to not only increase blog traffic to your site but also maintain a regular following.

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