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4 Killer Post, Blog and Article Writing Tips

How often do people spend hours crafting their latest blog post or article only for it just sit and gather cyber space dust. Writing articles and posts is an important part of website promotion. But it is only worth the effort if you follow certain basic article writing tips as described below.

1. Keyword Research

I don’t know how many times I have written these words and followed them up by something like “keyword research is the single most important part of website promotion. Get it right and you will be rewarded for your promotion efforts. Get it wrong and you can only fail”. But it is so true.

There is absolutely no point in trying to promote your site for super high competition keywords or low competition phrases that get no traffic. You can find out how to conduct keyword research in the How To Wake Up Your Silent Salesman eBook .

Do your keyword research by whatever method you choose and make a spreadsheet of the keyword phrases you want to target.

2. The Killer Title

Your post or article needs to have a catchy title to grab the attention of the reader. But it also needs to contain your chosen keyword phrase.

In the past I have tended not to spend enough time on the article or post  title because I was so engrossed in writing the main body.  But it is so important to get this right if you want to generate traffic.

I post the archives from my Nofuss Internet Business (NOFIB) email newsletter on my blog at regular intervals. These sometimes have strange titles beceause I cover things that are going on around me, not just internet marketing. So when I got attacked by swarming cockchafer beetles in my garden I titled my newsletter something like “Cockchafer Beetle Bash Forces Me out of the Garden”. I now rank #16 for the term ‘cockchafer beetle‘. Not really a great selling point or great traffic generator.

I recently wrote another newsletter about some problems I was having with BT titled ‘BT and Ultimate Customer Dissatisfaction’ which now ranks #8 out of 418,000 for the term ultimate ‘customer dissatisfaction’.

So it is important to pick the correct words for your title that are going to get you some targeted traffic and be compelling enough to get people to read.

3. Keyword Density and LSI and all That

In the past people used to get all hung up about keyword density and LSI. Now I am not going to say that it is all popycock because it’s not. But it is only of importance because of the following.

Google is trying to serve it’s customers with good quality search results – fact. So it is looking for original and well researched content – FACT. It wants to find copy that is written by an expert writer – FACT.

So what we have to do is write like we know what we are talking about :) and if we do this  naturally we are going to include words that are semantically related to the topic we are writing about.

So just know your topic and write naturally. Include your main keyword phrase once in the first paragraph and once in the last. Then include it no more than once every 100 words. But don’t force it. If the phrase naturally fits then put it in.

The main thing to remember is that it is best to have an article/post out there that has your keyword phrase in the body at lease once. But it is absolutely no use to have an article/post that gets classed as spam. So fewer is best.

4. An Objective In Mind

You must have an objective in mind when you write your article or blog post. I don’t mean the topic you are talking about. I mean the successful outcome that you are trying to achieve when someone reads your well crafted words.

This will depend on your particular situation. But if you are writing about a particular problem and how to solve it so that you can get people to buy your product. Then you need to bring this to their attention and include a suitable call to action that naturally fits in with what you are saying. Don’t just add a new paragraph at the foot of your post that says click here for more information.  Include the call to action as part of the actual post.

Now every piece you write will have some wanted outcome even if it is just to get them to read some more of your articles.

If you are writing articles for submission to directories then you will probably only be allowed to include links in the resource box at the foot of the article. The biggest mistake you can make is to add something like.

I hope you have enjoyed this article from the fantastic Rich Sale who is the undisputed world expert on …… please visit for more information.

As soon a someone sees the ‘I hope you have enjoyed this article‘ bit they go end of article and switch off.

Do not put up any stop signs just keep on flowing straight into your resource box with the call to action. There are many ways to improve your article writing technique for better website promotion, try waking up your silent salesman today.

All these methods are brought to you based on experience gained from years of  hard work. But the best is they work – time after time. So do me one thing just try my methods and let me know how you get on.

The Silent Salesman AKA Rich

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