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2 Free Easy Ways to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Website – Internet Marketing Tutorial

Once you have figured out how to make your own websites, the hard work begins. You need to generate traffic to it.

You will find that many people are literally “falling over themselves” to help you. But paying for help doesn’t come cheap. If you are on a tight budget and have not got money to spend on advertising, there are many free techniques at your disposal.

In this article I will be discussing two of the most popular free methods to generate traffic.

1. Without a doubt Article marketing is by far one of the most popular methods.

Also referred to as bum marketing, it is one of the easiest techniques for beginners to start promoting their sites.

In contrast to many methods, there is no learning curve and it is very simple to implement. Any inexperienced newbie can simply register with an article directory and start submitting articles straight away. The article should be around 300-400 words and contain an enticing resource box containing clickable hyperlinks to your site. Once it has been approved, it should then be distributed to other popular article directories.

The key here is to write and post on a daily basis, high quality articles which contain your targeted keywords.

If done well, the huge benefits entail:

Increased exposure on the internet
Improved page rankings with search engines
Expert to Platinum status, and last but not least….
Tremendous amount of targeted traffic to your website

2. Video marketing

It is definitely one big marketing trend no internet marketer can ignore. In the last couple of years, video sites like Youtube or Yahoo Video have exploded in popularity.

Essentially, you first need to create a video file showcasing your products or services (for this you will need a webcam or camcorder). Next, you need to upload this file to your computer and then to YouTube or Yahoo. In the video description add a clickable hyperlink to your site.

Actively encourage your visitors to communicate and interact with you, this will help to build up interest in your videos.

Quick tip, the most effective videos tend to be short and go straight “to the point”. No-one likes waiting around for a slow message to be delivered!

If you don’t want to be on camera, just create a video which incorporates voice, music and pictures.

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