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Keyword Analyser for Niche Market Selection- Keyword Analysis Tool

The 30 Day Challenge has started with a series of really good videos showing how to find and select micro niches from basic keyword ideas using the fantastic Market Samurai keyword research tool. The first video gives a great introduction to Keyword Research Using Market Samurai

We then have a video on finding a theme keyword.

And next a video showing how to select category keywords.

They then end up with a great explanation of what ‘Broad’ and ‘Matched’ keywords phrases are.

These are a really useful set of videos produced as part of the FREE 30 Day Challenge which you can sign up for here 30 Day Challenge

Or just check out the superb Market Samurai and get your free trial.

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    […] released as part of the 30DC on the topic of keyword research. Check them out on my blog here […]

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