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Free Keyword Research How-To Report

I have a lot of people ask me about keyword research and whether I think a particular niche idea will work. So I have extracted some information from my How To Wake Up Your Silent Salesman eBook and created a mini eBook which you can all have for free!! In the eBook I go through […]

Keyword Analyser for Niche Market Selection- Keyword Analysis Tool

The 30 Day Challenge has started with a series of really good videos showing how to find and select micro niches from basic keyword ideas using the fantastic Market Samurai keyword research tool. The first video gives a great introduction to Keyword Research Using Market Samurai We then have a video on finding a theme […]

Keyword Analyzer – This Keyword Analyser just Goes from Strength to Strength

This has been my Keyword Tool of choice for a number of  years – Market Samurai – just goes from strength to strength. They just released a mystery module which turns out to be a ranking tool (I think I may have guessed this in their competition) . So now you can research your keywords, […]

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