The Silent Salesman how I promote my website

The Silent Salesman

Does Your Website Generate Revenue for Your Business?

If you run a small to medium sized business with a website you are probably in a similar situation to about 78% of other businesses.

The main reason is lack of traffic. If you do not have a steady stream of traffic (free or paid) to your website on a daily basis then the FACT is that you wont make money from it.

Web Promotion

Simple No traffic to your website === No Revenue

My name is Rich Sale

I have been promoting businesses and individuals websites on the Internet since 2004. I was one of the original Stompers (AKA StomperNet) and I have moved from a position of Google hater to Google lover since then.

The term Silent Salesman was coined by one of my clients who was so impressed when I suddenly woke up his website to the search engines.

So this website/blog is dedicated to helping you get more from your online presence by waking up your Silent Salesman.

You can also see me at Rich Sale Ltd. and formerly Webease which are all related to my online endeavours.

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